Volunteer Feature: Jennifer Munoz


Jennifer Munoz

Workplace Justice Intern - University of Houston Downtown Undergraduate School of Social Work - Spring 2014

My name is Jennifer Munoz, I am a Social Work Intern from the University of Houston – Downtown. I first learned about Fe y Justicia in 2013 when the UHD Bachelors of Social Work students nominated director Laura Perez-Boston for the Person of the Year Award. I then continued to hear about the great things Fe y Justicia continued to do, one including the justice bus that many of my classmates participated in. Through this, I chose to apply for an open position for the Spring 2014 semester, an opportunity that was also recommended by my field director. Thus far, I have enjoyed my time here learning, and helping workers have a voice and learn their rights, and to work for what they deserve.

Being the daughter, granddaughter and niece of domestic workers, working here has not just been a rewarding opportunity for me, but also for my family. I have brought home and shared things I’ve learned with them so they can be aware of their rights and let others around them know.

I have currently been volunteering at FJWC for two months. Through my two months here I have learned the laws that cover the workers in Texas and the workplace injustices that occur every day in front of us without most people being aware of it. Most of my time here is spent working on cases of which are majorly wage theft cases. This organization helps these workers empower themselves and learn the laws so they can speak up and spread the word. My experience with the center has been an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. I have grown in many aspects and met wonderful people. 

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